Competitive Tumbling & Trampoline • GET SCHEDULE

Competitive Tumbling is for those who want to take this sport to the next level! Regardless of which level they start out, children as young as 3 years old are able to take the skills their current tumbling and trampoline skills and show their stuff with others of the same age and skill level. We compete around Southern Illinois with many other gyms associated with the USTA.

Taking classes on Tumbling & Trampoline for exercise or general knowledge, like Recreational Tumbling focuses on, is great and is its own reward; however, Competitive Tumbling helps motivate students to set personal goals and get fair feedback on their progress from professional judges in our sport. You are able to join the team anytime and at any skill level!

When you sign up for Competition Tumbling, you will have a regular tumbling/trampoline class to work on new skills and also keep sharp on previously learned skills. Then your child will attend a special class each week to come together with the whole team and work on the specific set of skills that they will use when they compete at each Competition Meet throughout the year. Summer is the best time to sign up for Competitive Tumbling!!! We raise “year-around athletes”, so when we are not competing, we are training for next coming season! 

Ages: 4 & Above
For: Boys & Girls

Competitive Equipment:
Trampoline, Double-Mini Trampoline, Rod Floor, Spring Floor

Recreational Tumbling & Trampoline• GET SCHEDULE

Recreational Tumbling is for all ages and levels, anywhere from three to four years of age and above, or Beginner to Advanced. Star Studio incorporates many different techniques into every level, starting with rolls and basic body positions, working up to front and back walkovers, and eventually striving for back handsprings, and many different styles of front and back flipping skills.

With every level of tumbling, our instructors make every effort to give your child the most enjoyable time while safely teaching them valuable tumbling skills. With our techniques and skills, you or your child will become master tumblers!!

Ages: 5 & Above
For: Boys & Girls

Gym Equipment Used:
Trampoline, Double-Mini Trampoline, Tumble Trac Trampoline, Rod Floor, Spring Floor, Foam Pit, Safety & Training Mats

Preschool Tumbling & Trampoline • GET SCHEDULE

Can it get any more fun than this? We set up fast pace obstacle courses that center around: Familiarity of all Equipment, Balance, Movement, Strength, and Basic Tumbling Skills. We know if the child can learn to "be brave" using the equipment at an early age, then they are much more likely to trust it when it really counts. Starting with stretching out, until the very last lap, we involve games and high energy circuits into all teaching exercises.

Ages: 3-5
For: Boys and Girls

Preschool Equipment Used:
Trampoline, Double-Mini Trampoline, Tumble-Trac Trampoline, Rod Floor, Spring Floor, Foam Pit, Balance Beam, High Bar, Various fun props for learning, Safety & Training Mats

Boys Only! Trampoline • GET SCHEDULE

BOYS ONLY! Trampoline class simply focuses on trampoline basics like tuck jumps and seat drops and then works to build a strong foundation to add more difficult  skills like single and double flips and twisting flips.

Once the basics are mastered, the fun really begins! Body awareness is sometimes naturally learned, but we work hard at helping our students create a strong sense of aerial awareness that they can use to improve all their trampoline skills or even take what they learn and go take karate class or just show off at the local swimming pool diving board!

Ages: 6 & Above
For: Boys Only!

Trampoline Equipment Used:
Trampoline, Double-Mini Trampoline, Tumble-Trac Trampoline, Foam Pit, Spring Floor for Drills & Balance Exercises

Parkour, Free-Running & Stunts* • GET SCHEDULE

This is a new class aimed for the more aggressive individual looking for cross-training in the gym to be a strong and agile athlete. Technical Parkour movements are taught as the transition is made from soft to hard obstacles. Students in this class will work to master vaults and will explore more advanced Parkour movements with a focus on various techniques.

Working towards advanced Parkour movements, along with an introduction to basic flips and tricks utilized in Free-running. Later in this level, students will refine their Free-running skills with a concentration on flow and will begin integrating new movements including tricking, flips from heights, and skills on railings into their repertoire.

*This class is an aggressive training class and there is some physical requirements that might limit some individuals from fully being able to participate in class. Any hesitation, please inquire for details.

Ages: 9 & Above
For: Boys & Girls

Parkour & Tricks focused on:
Strength, coordination and flexibility training, vaults, wall stunts, railing exercises and overall fitness & endurance