Competitive Dance • gET Schedule

Competition Dance is geared for more of the serious dancers that truly love to dance! Competition Dancing has a wonderful way of creating more motivation and progress in those who are involved, than anything else we can teach in the dance room. This option involves commitment and dedication for both the kids and parents. 

Some of the requirements are taking 2 classes a week instead of just one; a regular dance class and a technique class that matches their skill level. In addition to committing to additional classes, these students will also commit to attending dance competitions around the surrounding area and states that will be listed at the beginning of each season. 

Competition Dance also promotes necessary teamwork among the dancers because, as we always say, “one person can't win the competition for you, it takes the whole team”. Our Competition team ends up being the face of our dance program and are what the younger students look up to. We recommend that you have taken 1 to 2 years of dance before you consider entering competitions, but the teachers will determine what level you can compete in. So are you ready to have your child join yet??? Come Shine on stage with the stars of Star Studio!

Competition Dance styles:
Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Musical Theater

Recreational Dance • GET SCHEDULE

Recreational dance is a great way to have your child involved in an athletic activity that also involves the aspects of teamwork and creativity. We will enroll your child in a suitable class according to their current skill level and age. After stretching, appropriate techniques for jazz, ballet, and tap are taught in each class and are then used to create dances.

Our students grow as a team in skill, and they also develop unity and friendship. Performances are a usual every session, and a list of those will be provided as soon as the dates are offered to Star Studio. Currently we have 4 different skill levels that are available: Beginner, Intermediate, Sub-Advanced, and Advanced.

Recreational Dance Styles:
Jazz, Tap, Ballet

Preschool Dance ClassES•GET SCHEDULE

Pre-School Dance is geared for ages 4 to 5 yrs. It’s a wonderful class for the children to get to know the basics of Jazz, Tap, and Ballet while having fun at the same time. During this class we work on following directions and developing coordination. To aid our little dancers in learning their dance steps, music and make-believe are heavily used.  This is our foundational class for young dancers to fall in love movement and music, which when put together is DANCING!!!

Your child will also get the opportunity to attend performances at various events in the city during each session throughout each year. Performances can be an amazing way to help shape their confidence and independence; a personal skill they will use for the rest of their lives.

Preschool Dance Styles:
Jazz, Tap, Ballet

Leaps & turnS/stRETCHING Class* • GET SCHEDULE

*This class is an Add-On class for currently enrolled Competitive Dance students.

Leaps & Turns focuses on:
Flexibility, Turning Balance, Dance Tricks, as well as Core Strength & Conditioning Drills