How do I start Classes?

We encourage you to print the above forms and check the schedule to see what class options there are. Fill out the forms and either: call us at (618) 395-7827, SEND US AN EMAIL, or come by Star Studio Monday thru Friday 4-8pm. All forms are available at the Studio as well!


Tuition is payable in full or in 5 equal monthly installments for each session.  When making monthly installments, accounts are always to be paid by the first week of the month.  We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. All families enrolled will have access to a Customer Portal that allows them to: pay for fees, update account records, enroll in classes or birthday parties, and tumbling parents can view skills completed for each child! A $5 late fee per student will be charged to your account if payment is not received by the 15th of each month. We also offer Auto-billing  directly to your debit or credit card.

What should my child wear for class?

All students should wear their hair up off their faces for class and not wear any jewelry.   All female students are required to wear a leotard or tight dancewear; however shorts may be worn with the leotard.  All male students are required to wear gym shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt to class. Tumbling Students: "Uniform Day" is the first class of each month, in which all tumbling students must wear their Star Studio attire: Girls - Pink Star Studio leotard (with/without shorts) & Boys - Black Star Studio shirt and shorts. All Star Studio attire is available for purchase at front desk.

What are your term dates?

We have three session throughout the year. Our Fall Session is from August-December and our Spring Session runs from January-May.  Summer Session, which has no commitment, is during the months of June and July.


If there is still availability in that class level, yes, you can join. However, due to increased class sizes our dance program tends to fill up at the beginning of the dance season in August or at latest September and we are not always able to add to those classes that are still open during the session.  Tumbling is a more flexible program where students can join throughout the year, but at least one private lesson is required when starting after September of each year.

Are there private lessons?

Yes, private lessons may be arranged directly with the instructor or at our front desk.  Payments must be paid no later than the day of the lesson.  There are no required commitments for private lessons and are best used to supplement regular class instruction.

Can parents watch?

Yes! We do have a small seating area for viewing our tumbling classes.  Our dance room only has a viewing window. We do have a nice parent waiting room that many parents enjoy using while waiting for their child to finish classes. 

If we miss a class, do you offer any make-up classes?

Absolutely! Make-up classes are always offered upon request but we require that you pre-arrange to ensure availability.  Walk-ins are not allowed for make-up classes.  If you know that your child will miss a portion of a Session due to sports or similar reason, you may prearrange make-up classes before, during , or after the sport's season. We also use our widely popular OPEN GYM as a make-up option, just ask for a free pass if you miss a class!

How Do I get started?

Call 618-395-7827 Mon-Fri 4-8pm or send us an email by CLICKING HERE!