Welcome To Star Studio

Hello, we are star studio and quite simply our motto around here is "To love what you do and then teach others to do what you love!" We specialize in multiple forms of dance, tumbling, trampoline classes with a large emphasis also in open and private free-play. Loving the kids that come here and helping them achieve their goals has always been a top priority.

We have been in business since 1998! Dance was our main focus in the beginning, as we were located in a small building on Main Street, known then as "Star Dance Studio". There have been many stages of our business, as when it was just Tessa Dicks and Tara Miller making classes happen. Basic tumbling was added to our class list, and we got more and more known for what we offered this city. Then when Derek and Tessa got married, the team grew larger and we started to dream what we could really offer our community. We moved to a new facility-located at 120 W Cherry St. in Olney, IL-in fall of 2009 which really took our little studio and made it more "official". We have been able to do more than we ever thought we could do, and we are just getting started!

Star Studio is a 1st Class Recreational and Competitive Dance, Tumbling and Trampoline facility. We are members in good standing with the USTA, and all of our Tumbling coaches are all USTA Safety Certified. We have many Dance groups that have been recognized by Showstopper, Primetime, Jamfest, Rainbow, Revolution and Nexstar. Both our Competitive Dance & Tumbling and Trampoline programs have champions that have been recognized at a State and National levels!!

We believe in providing excellent service through talented and professional instructors; who love what they do and then teach others to do what they love! Kids just learn better while they are having fun, so we work hard at making all we do enjoyable, because we know if we don't love it, there's a good chance that those we teach won't either. We have come a long way since we started  so many years ago, but in our opinion, we are just getting started in where we see ourselves going. Thank you for your interest in our Studio and stick around, because we have new star arising!


We have worked hard to make our facility clean, safe, and stocked full of useful equipment and mats, which are necessary for productive classes. 


  • 30'x25' Laminate Wood Dance Floor

  • Wall Mounted Ballet Bars

  • Full-length Mirrors throughout Dance Room

  • Stretching & Excercise Aids

  • Training & Turning Equipment


  • In-ground String-Bed Trampoline 

  • 16'x16' Foam Pit

  • Preschool Horizontal bar

  • Variety of Preschool sized equipment

  • 8'x28' Rock Climbing Wall

  • Training Aids and Crash Mats

  • 40' Tumble Trac

  • Mini-Tramp & Spring Board

  • Regulation Balance Beam

  • 8' Launch Pad to Foam Pit

  • Carpet Bonded Foam throughout gym